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World Dog Shows

                 World Dog Show

The World Dog Show is a Fédération Cynologique Internationale-sanctioned, four- to six-day-long international dog show, held yearly since 1971. It has been called "the most important dog show in the world". The World Show includes agility, obedience, junior handler, conformation, and other events and demonstrations. Dogs who win in any category are awarded the title "World Champion". The show places a special emphasis on rare and unusual dog breeds. It is one of the largest dog shows in the world, with shows attracting upwards of 10,000 entrants. It is held in a different country each year.

The top title at the event is Certificat d'Aptitude au Championnat International de Beauté (French for 'Certificate of Aptitude at the International Championship of Beauty'), abbreviated CACIB, for which only purebred specimens of fully recognised, standardised breeds, not provisionally recognised or experimental breeds, may qualify. Some people feel that a win at the World Dog Show is worth more, reputation-wise, than the same win at the Westminster Kennel Club show. Entries in the World Show are from Fédération Cynologique Internationale member clubs, and non-member clubs (such as the American Kennel Club) by invitation.


Show locations and conformation show winners

Name   Breed Year Location Number of entries  
      1971 Budapest, Hungary    
Donnar de Nordval   German Shepherd 1972 Brazil 732  
      1973 Dortmund, Germany 4,900  
      1974 Paris, France 2,800  
Sugar River Foxfire   Alaskan Malamute 1975 Rabat, Morocco 500  
      1976 Innsbruck, Austria 4,478  
Dark von der Bismarckquelle   Wire Fox Terrier 1977 Herning, Denmark 3,800  
Cinko Duda Csebi   Puli 1978 Mexico City, Mexico    
      1979 Bern, Switzerland 5,500  
Beseeka Knight Errant of Silkstone   Whippet 1980 Verona, Italy 4,300  
Saliha Deianira   Saluki 1981 Dortmund, Germany 8,800  
Fujimiland Julia   Yorkshire Terrier 1982 Tokyo, Japan 1,400  
Tigre   Spanish Mastiff 1983 Madrid, Spain 3,000  
Kishniga's Diaghilev   Borzoi 1984 Acapulco, Mexico 780  
Abrisa vom Felsenkeller   Saluki 1985 Amsterdam, Netherlands 10,000  
Abrisa vom Felsenkeller   Saluki 1986 Tulln, Austria 7,952  
Northwind's Rising Star   Samoyed 1987 Tel Aviv, Israel 1,200  
Northwind's Rising Star   Samoyed 1988 Lima, Peru    
Chouan Gimlet   Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen 1989 Copenhagen, Denmark 9,400  
Chakpori's Mao   Lhasa Apso 1990 Brno, Czechoslovakia 11,900  
Fanto vom Hirschell   German Shepherd 1991 Dortmund, Germany 13,400  
Caligola di Ponzano   Neapolitan Mastiff 1992 Valencia, Spain 6,600  
Eddie Tato von Norwalfer   Great Dane 1993 Buenos Aires, Argentina 2,100  
Arctic Blue Senator   Siberian Husky 1994 Bern, Switzerland 15,500  
Humphrey dos Sete Moinhos   Basset Hound 1995 Brussels, Belgium 14,100  
Sanallah's Jerome   Afghan Hound 1996 Vienna, Austria/Budapest, Hungary 11,600  
Afton's Absolut   American Cocker Spaniel 1997 San Juan, Puerto Rico 4,000  
Loteki Supernatural Being   Papillon 1998 Helsinki, Finland 15,200  
Tacara's Santer Savar   Belgian Shepherd Tervueren 1999 Mexico City, Mexico 4,000  
Giaccherebbe dell'Angelo del Summano   Bracco Italiano 2000 Milan, Italy 15,200  
Atwater Crazy-Diamond Borgoleonardo   Newfoundland 2001 Porto, Portugal 7,200  
Topscore Contradiction   Standard Poodle 2002 Amsterdam, Netherlands 14,500  
Propwash Syzygy   Australian Shepherd 2003 Dortmund, Germany 18,700  
Double D Cinoblu's Masterpiece   Pug 2004 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2,000  
Homero del Alcazar   Lhasa Apso 2005 Buenos Aires, Argentina 3,100  
Axel del Monte Alago   Bracco Italiano 2006 Poznan, Poland 21,000  
Smash JP Talk About   Toy Poodle 2007 Mexico City, Mexico    
Efbe's Hidalgo At Goodspice   Sealyham Terrier 2008 Stockholm, Sweden 20,600  
Northgate's As You Like It   Pharaoh Hound 2009 Bratislava, Slovakia 21,830  
Smash JP Talk About   Toy Poodle 2010 Herning, Denmark 19,300  
De Kaner's Wolverine Revenge   American Akita 2011 Paris, France 21,600  
Shiraz California Dreamin'   Saluki 2012 Salzburg, Austria 18,607  
Bottom Shaker My Secret   Old English Sheepdog 2013 Budapest, Hungary 18,030  
Tricky Ricky From Yarrow-Hi Tech   Affenpinscher 2014 Helsinki, Finland 21,247  
Ops I did it again del Cuore Impavido   Bearded Collie 2015 Milan, Italy 19,927  
Fine Lady S Zolotogo Grada   Black Russian Terrier 2016 Moscow, Russia 19,295  
      2017 Leipzig, Germany    
      2018 Amsterdam, Netherlands    

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